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Now In Press

Sheng, L., Bedore, L.M., Peña, E.D., & Fiestas, C.M. (in press). Semantic development in Spanish-English bilingual children: Effects of age and language experience. Child Development.

Bedore, L.M., Peña, E.D., Summers, C., Boerger, K., Resendiz, M., Greene, K., Bohman, T., & Gillam, R. (in press). The Measure Matters: Language Dominance Profiles across Measures in Spanish/English Bilingual Children. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition.




Asha 2011

We have several posters and talks at Asha this year by HABLA lab faculty, alums, and students along with collaborators from other universities:

  • Kai Greene, Lisa Bedore, Elizabeth Peña: The Lexical Code-Switching Patterns of English-Spanish Bilingual Preschoolers
  • Li Sheng, Lisa Bedore, Elizabeth Peña: Semantic Development in Spanish-English Bilingual Children
  • Ying Lu & Li Sheng: Lexical-Semantic Development in Mandarin-English Bilingual Children
  • Chistine Fiestas, Lisa Bedore, Elizabeth Peña & Li Sheng: The Definitional Skills of Bilingual Children: Age & Language Experience
  • Katie Squires, Ron Gillam, Mirza Lugo-Neris, Lisa Bedore, &  Elizabeth Peña:  Story Retelling of Bilingual Children with SLI
  • Connie Summers, Marcela Diaz, Elizabeth Peña, & Lisa Bedore:  Macrostructure Analysis of English & Spanish Narratives in Bilingual Children