Asha 2011

We have several posters and talks at Asha this year by HABLA lab faculty, alums, and students along with collaborators from other universities:

  • Kai Greene, Lisa Bedore, Elizabeth Peña: The Lexical Code-Switching Patterns of English-Spanish Bilingual Preschoolers
  • Li Sheng, Lisa Bedore, Elizabeth Peña: Semantic Development in Spanish-English Bilingual Children
  • Ying Lu & Li Sheng: Lexical-Semantic Development in Mandarin-English Bilingual Children
  • Chistine Fiestas, Lisa Bedore, Elizabeth Peña & Li Sheng: The Definitional Skills of Bilingual Children: Age & Language Experience
  • Katie Squires, Ron Gillam, Mirza Lugo-Neris, Lisa Bedore, &  Elizabeth Peña:  Story Retelling of Bilingual Children with SLI
  • Connie Summers, Marcela Diaz, Elizabeth Peña, & Lisa Bedore:  Macrostructure Analysis of English & Spanish Narratives in Bilingual Children


In press

Peña, E. D., Gillam, R. B., Bedore, L.M., & Bohman, T. (in press). Risk for Poor Performance on a Language Screening Measure for
Bilingual Preschoolers and Kindergarteners. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology.

Researchers get $3.3 million grant to investigate language outcomes of bilingual children

Saw this today when I logged into my google news. Now,  I guess we have to find 1,800 kids to screen! What were we thinking?

Researchers get $3.3 million grant to investigate language outcomes of bilingual children.

New Book on Spanish Grammar

Who’d think I’d get excited about grammar anyway? You know how I usually get my eyes roll back and I don’t actually go into convulsions, but it stresses me out (as Karin says I’m more “gestalt-y” preferring to think about words and word meaning and narratives too– yep, I usually skip right over grammar!

Anyway, this is pretty exciting because there’s consideration that grammar varies (what do you know??). “Here are all the voices, all the ways of speaking, coming together in a grand polyphony,” RAE president Victor Garcia de la Concha said at Thursday’s launch of the book in Madrid. Check out the full BBC article. Also, the Philadelphia Inquirer also has an article about it discussing how Spanish Royal Academy in collaboration with organizations in Latin American and other Spanish speaking nations contributed to the books. And if you want to read more about the Real Academia Española (en español) here you go.